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The condition of a good chair which we,
			Torch Company, are thinking about As the number of users of computers are on the increase, the importance of chairs is standing out in bold rellef. In order to sit on a chair for a long time, we need a chair which can support our spines and stralghten our postures. A chair is directly related to the health of our spines. What kind of chairs do we have to choose? People are looking for a chair which makes them comforable. we, Torch Company, are letting you know of what the best chairs are as follows.

1. Is a chair suitable for the figure of a user?

There are a lot of consumers who think that a chair is what is bought at a cheap price together with a desk as a combination sale. Some parents buy a big chair for a child who is a primary school or middle school student, planning to use it for the child until he graduates from a college. If they buy a chair without giving a deep consideration, however, their child may lose his health because he sit at their desk in an awkward position. As the body of a person is S type which means that the back is slightly bulged and the waist is slightly concave, a chair should be bent in accordance with the shape of the body. Sometimes, parents buy a chair with the straight back for their child, which is normally used with a table. In this case, however, such a chair ruins his posture in a short period of time. If you use a chair which is comparatively bigger than your physical constitution, you sinks into the chair and cannot keep a upright posture. People sitting on a big chair just sit on the edge of the chair without leaning against the back of the chair, This posture imposes a heavy burden on the back of the body. A chair should be checked to see whether it is comfortable and chosen by the person who will use it. There should be no gap between the back of a person and the back of a chair so that a hand can not be inserted between them. We should choose such a chair. The juveniles whose physical constitutions change rapidly should buy a chair whose height, width, and armrest are adjustable.

2. Can the back of a chair be tilted backward about 10 degrees?

As the back of a chair supports the back of a person, it is an important part of a chair. If a user leans on the back of a chair, the pressure put on the disc is greatly reduced. In fact, an easy chair with 130 degrees of backward tilt can reduce the pressure on the disc by as much as 50%. Because the back of a person is slightly bulged backward, the back of a chair should be tilted backward about 10 degrees. This inclination is needed for a person to sit up straight. And the back of a chair must be able to move forward and backward naturally so that it can support the back of a person in accordance with the motion of a user. As great importance is being attached to the function of a chair to support the back of a person, a lot of different types of chairs are being introduced in the market. For instance, there is a chair whose back is divided into two pieces which move in accordance with the posture of a user so that his back can be always pressed tightly to the back of a chair. And there is also a chair with a pad on its back, which can be moved in accordance with the location of the back of a user so that it can play a perfect role as a support.

3. Is the height of the armrest adjustable?

The reasonable height of the armrest reduces the pressure on the shoulder and the back of a user and keeps his wrist at a comfortable angle. Therefore, it is better to choose a chair with the function in which the height of the armrest is adjustable. Particularly, as the number of people using computers for a long time are on the increase these days, the importance of the height of the armrest is standing out in bold relief. When a keyboard and wrists are at the same height, a burden is not imposed on the wrists. The height of the armrest is suitable when it is 75~100cm higher than the thighs of a user. We can get the satisfactory height of the armrest by adjusting the height of the chair, If so, however, the user will feel uncomfortable as his feet get off the floor and the distance between his legs and the desk gets too narrow. A desk which has a draw for a keyboard under it or is not too high is good to adjust the height of the armrest.
Best height of a chair is a person's height x 0.23
It is not easy to find a household chair whose back can be adjusted in height. But we can find some big office chairs which have a function of height adjustment. Such chairs support the neck of a user comfortably when he takes a rest. As most of neck supports are fixed on top of a chair, however, they are used just as head cushions, not as neck supports. Neck supports should be adjustable depending upon the location of a neck. Therefore, we need to choose the chair which has the function of adjusting the height of its back.

5. Is the upholstery of a chair durable and hard to tear?

In many cases, the surface of a chair with a cushion is covered with upholstery. As we frequently move while sitting on a chair, we have to carefully check whether or not the upholstery material is friction-resistant, durable, and hard to tear. In addition to that, we also have to check whether or not it is resistant to pollution because it is not possible to wash it. As bare skin may be exposed to it, we'd better avoid upholstery made of synthetic fiber. It is because people who do have allergies may be allergic to it.

6. Is the front part of the seat of a chair rounded?

On the front part of the seat where your knees are bent when you are seated on the chair, there should be a slight gap between the front part of the seat and your knees. As a good chair, this part of the seat should be rounded like the shape of a waterfall falling down. If this part of the seat is squared like a wooden chair in a kitchen and this part of your legs are pressed by the chair, the circulation of blood will be slowed.

7. What is the best height of a chair?

When we are seated on a chair, our heels should be positioned about 5cm above the floor. It is because this posture does not impose a burden on our knees, thus making us feel less fatigued. In this case, we can take a rest as if we were lying on our back even though we are actually sitting on the chair for a couple of hours.

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