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We sit on a chair to work with a computer, to write, or to relax just reading a magazine. There must be a proper posture respectively. Likewise, the best tilt angle of the back of a chair differs in each case. By locking (fixing), in this case, we can get our best posture which does not impose any burden on our body.

If you choose and use a chair with a lumbar support function, you can keep a good posture and avoid imposing a burden on internal organs because of a bent back. And each person has a different shape of backbone: some persons have "S"-shaped backbones and other persons have "I"-shaped backbones. If you can adjust the degrees of leaning backwards, you can feel more comfortable.

Even when your desk has no enough space as you uses an ordinary, large CRT monitor or when you read a book or a magazine a little away from your desk, you can relieve the burden on your shoulders if your desk has armrests. In case you have to use the mouse frequently to search on the Internet or do graphic work, you need armrests which can be adjusted in height or move to the right or left. In case you use a notebook computer or a LCD monitor, however, there is enough space on the desk on which you can lean on. If that is the case, you may need a chair with no armrests.

The height of a chair most suitable for a person is individually different, but we can say it is his/her height multiplied by 0.23. If the movement of up and down can be adjusted with gas pressure, we can obtain almost all the best heights of the chairs suitable for each person without difficulties. We have to avoid chairs whose heights are not adjustable or only can be adjusted with screws. The best height of a desk is the height of a chair + (a person's height x 0.18). The height of a desk can be adjusted easily through the adjustment of the hooves of the desk.

There are two types of casters: one is a plastic caster and the other is an urethane caster whose surface is covered with urethane. The urethane casters don't scratch the surface of the floor, make any noise, or skid on the floor. So, they are suitable for hard floors. And the plastic casters are suitable for soft floors such as carpet.

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