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1. Kneetilt / Kneecron Aluminum diecasting Kneetilt mechanism Multi locking system - 5 positions
	Adjustable tilting strength, anti-schocking system
2. Pron Human technique for future machenism. Protecting fuction for user & locking divice 3. Liberol Ⅰ.Ⅱ
	Dycasting with aliminum alloy, protection device, the best angle of moving back part is provided. Fron tillting fuction is added.
4. Pron / Midas Armrest Adjustable armrest with up and down, new concept of armrest for office work 5. Libero Armrest Adjustable for user. It's 3 step.
6. Steel Base Very fashionable surface, crom alloy, siver coating good design, beautiful shape 7. Caster
	Pu-urethane, reducing noize when rolling.

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