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Back Pain, Lumbago Scoliosis Herniated Lumbar Disc  
The Importance of Correct Posture These days, clidren spend a lot of time with computers. Computers have become necessities which we can not live without. However, if they sit on the chair slightly bent forward continuously when using computers or stydying, or carrying a heavy bag with only a right hand or a left hand, it will have bad effects on children's spines. Lumbago and scoliosis which young boys and girls are suffering from in recent years will be definitely related to their sitting postures.
Scoliosis means that vertebra which should be straight is bent to one side. Transformed vertebra has bad influence upon muscles around it, thus causing chronical pains, lumbago and muscular pain, particularly various kinds of obstacles of development to the children of the growth period. If such a scoliosis gets worse, it applies pressure to internal organs, causing serious problems. A survey on scoliosis conducted in America shows the cause of death of scoliosis patients is the paralysis of function of heart and lungs caused by the transformation of chest. In case of women, the bent vertebra has bad influence to their appearance, thus causing mental problems. Another survey shows that 75% of women suffering from scoliosis have not been married. As stated above, scoliosis is causing a lot of mental and physical problems to patients.

1. Cause of scoliosis

the precise cause of scoliosis has not yet been identified. It is because the cause of asymmetric growth has not been known clearly. However, physiologically they say that the causes of scoliosis is wrong posture, lack of exercise, and poor living habits. In Korea, they say that poor educational environment is the main cause of scoliosis. Students who are several dozen centimeters taller than those of the previous generation are still studying in classrooms where there are desks and chairs which are suitable only to students of 30 years ago. Likewise, because of small desks and chairs of private institutes, students' vertebra is being transformed more and more. These days, all houses are equipped with at least one computer and children are indulged in computer games without knowing which is correct posture, thus breaking the balance of vertebra.

2. Diagnosis of scoliosis

Children and juveniles of growth period should take a careful look at the heights of their shoulders If one shoulder is lower than the other, they should check their vertebras to see whether or not they are suffering from scoliosis. Students who shows incorrect posture should also check their vertebras. If the posture of studying, eating, watching TV, or walking is seen not to be good with the naked eye, they are considered to be in a serious condition. In such a case, they should go to a hospital to take medical examinations. They should go to a hospital where they can take X-ray examinations. It is because the X-ray photograph of the whole body is better for the precise diagnosis of scoliosis. If needed, they should go through comprehensive checkups including electromyography and nerve examination. The method and period of treatment should be decided in accordance with the result of comprehensive clinical diagnosis. Doctors can judge the condition of scoliosis by checking the degree of curve of vertebra. For instance, if the degree of curve is less than 10° and there is no pain and pressure to internal organs, doctors choose to make observations rather than to give medical treatment. six months later, they take X-ray photographs again to check whether or not there is any progress and decide whether or not they should go through treatment. In case of the scoliosis of 10°~30°, they decide to give treatment. Even in this case, they take X-ray photographs every 2~3 months to check the progress of scoliosis. If the scoliosis is worsened in spite of the treatment, they use auxiliary equipment or go through surgery. In case of more than 30°, patients definitely need auxiliary equipment or go through surgery, However, priority should be given to treatments without surgery.

3. Treatment of scoliosis

The most important thing for the treatment of scoliosis is to detect it at an early stage. The immature vertebras of children can be corrected by keeping correct posture and giving proper treatment. However, the scoliosis detected after they have become a grown-up is almost impossible to cure. In America and advanced Western countries, the infant vertebra examination is always included in a general medical checkup It is because they want to detect scoliosis at an early stage. In America, the vertebra examination for middle school and high school students is carried out every year. Once scoliosis is diagnosed, continuous treatment should be given. Scoliosis is a disease which can be cured. The scoliosis hospital treats patients with equipment specially designed for correction of scoliosis. In America, scoliosis treatments are proved to be very effective, thus giving hope to a lot of patients who are suffering from scoliosis.

4. In case of Korea

The clinics specializing in vertebra in Korea gave vertebra examinations to 21,215 students of elementary, middle, and high schools in Gangnam and Ilsan from March till July, 1998. This examination was a radiation checkup by X-ray photographing. Among them, 26.45%, or 5,623 students, showed the symptom of scoliosis and 12.23%, or 2,600 students, were patients with the degree of more than 10° who needed immediate treatments.

It means that 2~3 out of 10 students showed the symptom of scoliosis and about half of them needed treatments. However, most of them are not concerned about it. Only a few of them try to receive medical attention during vacations.

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